The Chapel, like all properties in Kilfinan, is not connected to Mains Water.


Instead, Water is drawn from a Private Water Supply about 1/4 mile up the hill from a spring. Sediment tanks filter out the heavier particles while a small water treatment plant filters the smaller particles, then balances the Ph levels and finally kills off bacteria using UV Light. 

All Private water supplies are required to be registered

with and regulated by the local authority using

the Private Water Supply (Scotland) Regulations

2010 & the Water (Scotland) Act 1980.

Argyll & Bute council conduct regular, but random

checks on the system and the quality of the water.

You can check the entry for the property

in the register by contacting:

Protective Services,

Argyll & Bute Council




PA31 8RT

Telephone: 01546 605519



Site Reference: AABBC0115 - Bayview

Further Information: