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The Chapel, like all properties in Kilfinan, is not connected to Mains Water. Instead, Water is drawn from a Private Water Supply

You can check the entry for the property in the register by contacting:

All Private water supplies are required to be registered with and regulated by the local authority using the Private Water Supply (Scotland) Regulations 2010 & the Water (Scotland) Act 1980.

Protective Services,													   Argyll and Bute Council,  Kilmory,  Lochgilphead 																							 Argyll  PA31 8RT   t:	01546604131 e:

Further Information

DEFRA Drinking Water Inspectorate

DEFRA Information Leaflets Site Reference: AABBC0115 - Bayview The water supply and filtration equipment is regularly tested by the council on dates that they choose.   Here are latest results, and if you have any queries, please email us